In addition to all the comforts within the flats, Maredisotto proposes a series of services aimed to satisfy every rest and pleasure requirement of its own friend guests.

Troubled by your car?
It is possible to book a reserved place.

Tired to cook?
Thatís possible, especially during summer. Maredisotto can request a reliable chef, who will be happy to cook and train to cook specialities and main courses of the coast.

And about the beach?
After having reached by lift the ground floor, there is a dressing room distant just few metres from the beach stones. Moreover it is possible to book umbrellas, small-beds and all the other beach services reserved to Maredisotto at the beneath plage.

Tired of the beach?
Thatís hard. But although it was, Maredisotto can organise trips by boat, in blue water, among islands, towards enchanting places hard to reach by land.

Other requests?
Maredisotto likes questions.